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Welcome to the Kasilof Mercantile. Your one stop shop for both your dining and general store/grocery needs. The best dining and food in the Kasilof area featuring fresh, hand made, and custom smoked meats.
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The Kasilof Mercantile

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The Kasilof mercantile is a one stop shop for all your quick kitchen and dining needs. We proudly carry a wide variety of groceries at our Kasilof store, from the basic necessities like bread, milk, eggs and condiments, to party favorites like soda, chips, hot dogs and candy. In addition to the food and drink options in our Kasilof grocery store, we also carry a wide variety of other Alaskan staples such as fishing gear, hardware, clothing, and other kitchen necessities. Come check us out today!

Rocky’s Cafe

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Rocky’s Cafe is located directly off of the Sterling Highway near the banks of the beautiful Kasilof River. Specializing in American Diner style food, our specialty, hand made plates will be sure to satisfy your appetite. Our Restaurant in Kasilof is known for our friendly family-style atmosphere, and is great place to enjoy some food after a hard day on the river. Stop on by for a bite, we look forward to seeing you.

Hours of Operation

Monday – 7am-9pm

Tuesday – 7am-9pm

Wednesday – 7am-9pm

Thursday – 7am-9pm

Friday – 7am-9pm

Saturday – 7am-9pm

Sunday – 7am-9pm


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The Kasilof Mercantile began as the “Kasilof Grocery” in 1959. It was run by Bill and Isabella Harris out of the supply shed next to the Kasilof Children’s Home on K-Beach road. They sold only what they could purchase in two annual case lots delivered from Seward. Beginning in 1960, a new building was built in the current location and was added onto, piece-by-piece, by a succession of hard working and dedicated owners. In it’s time this building has served as a post office, feed store, residential home, and newest of all is as Alaska’s first outlet store for Alaskan Hardgear.

Travis and Junie Steinbeck purchased the Kasilof Mercantile in July 2014. Travis has been involved in the grocery business since moving back to Alaska in 1984. When the opportunity came about to purchase the Mercantile it seemed like a natural fit. He knows the grocery business inside and out and the restaurant would make good use of Travis and Junie’s culinary talents.